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What Are Chemical Spills?

Chemical spills occur when hazardous materials, usually liquids, leak out into areas where they are not intended to be at. These can happen on a small scale, such as when someone spills chemicals, such as insecticide containing arsenic, in their home or at work, or on a very large scale, such as when an oil company spills oil in the ocean. Chemical spills can often lead to property damage or injuries. They can also compromise environmental settings and wildlife as well. Some common ways that chemical spills occur are:

What Are Some Problems Associated with Chemical Spills?

Chemical spills can result in many problems. These include:

What Are Some Legal Consequences of Chemical Spill Incidents?

Chemical spill incidents can sometimes lead to legal actions and lawsuits. This is especially true in cases where a person, typically an employee, was negligent in the handling of certain materials. In such cases, the worker, or the company they work for might be held liable for injuries or property damage caused by the spill.

In certain cases, a party might not even need to be acting negligently or recklessly to be held liable for damages caused by dangerous chemicals. Some strict liability statutes may hold a party liable for damages caused by abnormally hazardous activity, even if they took certain precautions to prevent an incident. This is especially true when it comes to the disposal of radioactive chemicals or other highly hazardous substances.

Lastly, many chemical spill cases can be filed as a class action suit if several people are injured by the same cause.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Assist Me with Chemical Spill Legal Issues?

Whether you have experienced an injury or property damages from a small incident or a major spill, you may need some legal guidance if you need to file a claim. It may be in your best interests to hire a personal injury lawyer in your area if you need legal assistance with a claim. Your lawyer can help  determine what type of remedies might you should pursue in your case. Also, if you need to appear in court, your lawyer can provide representation during the process.

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