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Learn More About Sandy, UT

Named for the dry dirt that characterizes much of the Salt Lake region, Sandy was transformed during its boom years as a mining town. Its transition to an affluent suburb of Salt Lake City began relatively recently, and an influx of new residents and the Jordan shopping Center have made Sandy a destination in Salt Lake County.

Sandy lawyers can help you with personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, family law, real estate transactions, and many others.

A local company in Sandy has recently been sued by an out of state auto-parts manufacturer for $10 million. The suit alleges breach of contract. Allegedly, the Sandy-based company deceived the auto-parts manufacturer as to when and how much the company would invest. The suit is ongoing and could continue for years.

Even if your case may not involve tens of millions of dollars, it is important and you deserve the best attorney. Finding a good lawyer in Sandy means finding an attorney who will work hard for you, represent you honestly, and have familiarity with the Salt Lake County Court system.

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