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Learn More About South Salt Lake, UT

Belonging to the Salt Lake City metropolitan statistical region, the city of South Salt Lake has, in recent decades, nearly doubled in population and territory. This is of course closely tied to the nearness of Salt Lake City itself, although the smaller city has its own claim to fame, pride and economic independence.

Once, though, it was thought to eventually become part of the bigger city. The Depression era prevented this, and by the end of that time, the city and its residents had coalesced with a definite identity and will to be known as an independent community. It was first named the Town of Central Park, after a development named by Jesse Fox Jr., an early developer of the area.

It is a “City on the Move”, a leading light in the recent progress of the Salt Lake region and the state of Utah. It has a lot of directions it can go to, thanks to a diverse and industrious population and successive city governments who had a vision.

Currently, the city is enjoying redevelopment in its primary commercial zones, as well as new developments in newly-incorporated parts of its territory. The city inspires its citizens to become entrepreneurs or business owners. To help them, the city currently runs an effective Economic Development Strategic Plan.

For information purposes, residents here have the services of the Office of the City Recorder, who manages and runs Utah’s GRAMA (Government Records Access and Management Act) for the benefit of the citizenry. Besides this, the town library and various school libraries are also good sources of information.

For legal purposes, residents can go online and find the LegalMatch Law Library, an extensive and resource-filled location for researching legal topics. This is an extensive support system for clients who access LegalMatch’s services, which matches these clients to specific lawyers for their specific legal needs.

South Salt Lake City was part of a series of high-profile child kidnapping cases in the state of Utah. While other cases remain unsolved, the one that occurred in this city ended with a conviction. These have been translated into legal advocacy for children’s rights and protection under the law. An example of an advocacy offering free legal aid or legal clinics for residents here is the Utah State Bar Association Pro Bono Project.

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