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Learn More About Holladay, UT

Holladay is a Salt Lake County city with a population of 14,561. The city was officially incorporated on November 29, 1999 as Holladay-Cottonwood but was shortened to Holladay less than a month after it became a city.

Holladay is also home to a number of locals who are practicing lawyers and are familiar with local Salt Lake County courts and procedures. Lawyers in Holladay are familiar with taking many different kinds of cases like bankruptcy, automobile injury, contract drafting, criminal DUI, and child custody cases.

Recently in Holladay, former junior high school custodian Terry Birch was arrested on one count of forcible sexual abuse after allegedly groping a mentally disabled woman. Birch is being held on $150,000 bail and could face up to 15 years in Utah State prison.

If you have a civil lawsuit to file in Holladay then you will probably be heading to the Salt Lake County District Court. District Courts in Utah have exclusive jurisdiction over tort, contract, real property, probate, mental health, civil, small claims, domestic relation, felony, misdemeanor, and other a criminal cases like appeals from lower courts. Immigration issues must be filed with the U.S. Immigration Court in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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