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Learn More About Midvale, UT

Located in the northern part of Utah, the city of Midvale is part of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. Midvale is ideally located for some of the best skiing in the continental United States as it is only a few miles from the entrances to both the Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. Midvale is also family friendly and holds a week-long Harvest Festival every summer which includes block parties and a 5K run.

If you need legal services in Salt Lake County, there are many helpful Midvale lawyers to choose from. These attorneys are skilled in many areas of law and can help you with intellectual property, criminal defense, DUI, First Amendment protection, bankruptcy, tax, civil litigation, or any other legal problem you may have.

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently upheld the decision that sentenced a man who violated his probation to 41 months in prison. The man, who was the president of an investment and development firm, pled guilty to fraud in 2003 after he collected money from investors, telling them he was going to build a luxury resort and golf course in Midvale, and instead spent the money on personal expenses. He was placed on 5 years of probation and ordered to reimburse the people he scammed a total of $4.4 million. In violation of his probation, he moved out of Utah and started hiding his income. 

Midvale is located less than 15 minutes away from the Utah Supreme Court and the Utah Court of Appeals, which are both in Salt Lake City. In addition to its proximity to these two appellate courts, Midvale is also just south of the Utah District Court for the Third District, as well as the US District Court for Utah. With all of these courts so close to Midvale, if you have a case in Salt Lake County, it is essential that you have a lawyer that is both familiar and comfortable with each one of them.

LegalMatch is your online tool that will help you find a Midvale lawyer that will meet your needs. By giving us some basic information, we are able to match you with an attorney that is eager to take your case. All the information that you provide is kept strictly confidential, and there is no pressure to continue with any attorney if you do not wish to.

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