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Learn More About Ogden, UT

Ogden holds the distinction of being the first European settlement in what is now Utah. The land was originally known as Fort Buenaventura, and was purchased by Mormon settlers in 1846 for around $2,000. Ogden enjoyed years of prosperity as a major stop on the western railroad to San Francisco. Eventually service was re-routed to Salt Lake City, but by that time Ogden had cemented itself as the second largest city in Utah.

If you have a case in Ogden, you have a wide variety of accomplished professional attorneys to choose from. Ogden lawyers are familiar with the Weber County court system and its district court, juvenile court, and various justice courts. Attorneys in Ogdencan assist you with bankruptcy, criminal law, personal injury, real estate, and any other legal issue you may have.

For instance, Ogden attorneys are currently litigating a $30 million wrongful death lawsuit filed against the city’s police department. The wife of the slain suspect charges that police fatally shot her husband after he had put down his shotgun and put up his hands. Officers and witnesses, however, testify that the man was reaching for the shotgun when he was fatally shot. The district attorney had originally cleared the officers of wrongdoing, prompting Ogden lawyers to file a civil suit in federal court.

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