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Learn More About St. George, UT

St. George is the county seat of Washington County and home to the West Coast Stock Car Hall of Fame. St. George also plays host to the SkyWest Airlines Headquarters and is surrounded by Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks.

St. George is also a great place to find a lawyer who is familiar with Washington County court procedures. Lawyers in St. George take cases in family, immigration, business, tort, and criminal cases but are qualified to assist you with any legal issue that you may face.

Recently, Rep. Brad Last of St. George lobbied a bill to protect Utah companies from unfair online business practices. Search engines are using product names, like Utah based 1-800-Contacts, to include other competitive businesses. 1-800-Contacts has lost business from searches for some time. If the bill passes then they would be able to sue search engines like Google in the Utah State Supreme Court for damages and legal fees.

If you’re planning on filing a lawsuit in St. George, you will likely be visiting the Fifth Judicial District Court in St. George. The district court retains jurisdiction over family, tort, contract, probate, and mental health cases in addition to criminal and civil appeals. If you have a small claims case up to $7,500 or a locally issued citation, you will visit the Washington County Justice Court, also in St. George.

LegalMatch’s prescreened and bar certified lawyers in St. George are waiting for your case. By reviewing your case ahead of time, LegalMatch lawyers are able to quote you a price while you check out their availability and past clients’ reviews. Also, check out the LegalCenter for all kinds of useful legal research tools like an online law library and forums.

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