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Learn More About Weber County, UT

Located to the north of Salt Lake City, Weber County lies on the eastern shoes of the Great Salt Lake. Ogden is the county’s largest city as well as its county seat. Weber State University is housed in Weber County and was founded in 1889. Residents of Weber County are ideally located for some of the best winter sports in the country as the Wasatch Mountains run through part of the county.
You are in luck if you need to speak to a legal professional in Weber County as there are many experienced Weber County lawyers. These attorneys are ready to assist you in many legal areas including personal injury, head trauma, DUI, divorce, criminal defense, tax, bankruptcy, real estate, contracts, and more.
A Weber County owner of a car show recently sued the Weber-Morgan Health Department for what he claims to be an excessive fine. The health department had find the business $10,000 for switching a car last year so that it would pass emissions testing. The owner of the Weber County business had to either pay the fine or face up to two year ban from performing emissions tests. The man tried three internal appeals with the department, each time claiming that the employee acted on his own, but each appeal was denied. The man then sued the department, claiming that the fine and punishment was excessive in light of how one-sided the process is. The man argued that the shop only charges customers $50 for the test, and that a fine of $10,000 is grossly disproportionate.
The residents of Weber County are served by Second District Court of Utah. If you need to file a lawsuit, you will likely have to prepare your legal papers to be served in this court. A local attorney who is familiar with the procedures that this court follows can help you with this.
When you are ready to find a Weber County lawyer, is here to make sure that you get the right one for your situation. Here at LegalMatch, we know how important it is to have a great working relationship with your attorney. This why we allow you to read attorney profiles and past client reviews before contacting any of the pre-screened lawyers that are interested in your case. You can also browse through our LegalCenter where you will fund many articles about popular legal topics as well as helpful hints and tips.
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