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Learn More About Springville, UT

Springville is located in Utah County in the state of Utah. Incorporated in 1853, the city has a population of 28,000 and is included in the Provo-Orem metropolitan area. Due to its strong emphasis on the arts, Springville is called the “Art City”.
Originally settled back in 1850 by pioneer families, Springville gets its name from the many freshwater springs that can be found there. The city is home to the well-respected Springville Museum of Art, which is Utah’s oldest museum. The museum was built in the 1930’s and showcases the work of several national and international artists. Reflecting its namesake as the “Art City”, the city’s downtown area is sprinkled with bronze statues. Every June, Springville hosts Art City Days, which celebrates art with a parade and various contests.
Springville is also home to a bustling industrial scene. In November of 2008, Springville-based marketing company Neways settled a two-year dispute with Sisel International LLC. Neways filed suit against Sisel, claiming that Sisel misappropriated their trade secrets and customer information. The claims also included defamation for damaging the company’s reputation. The two companies declined to release details of the settlement, but neither company admitted wrongdoing. Representatives of each party stated that they look forward to moving on and continuing successful operations.
Lawsuits involving trade secrets involve confidential information that must be entrusted to a reliable attorney. If you are located in Springville and need a lawyer for any legal matter, can match you with an attorney for free. Simply fill out an online application with information regarding your case, and LegalMatch will connect you with one of the many attorneys serving the Springville area.
In Springville, legal claims can be filed at the Springville City Justice Court. Justice courts in Utah are established in order to hear a variety of misdemeanor cases, small claims, and minor infractions committed in the jurisdiction. If you have a more serious or complex case such as a felony, the Utah District Courts may be able to provide assistance.
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