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Learn More About Roy, UT

The city of Roy is located in Weber County, in the state of Utah. It has a population of 35,000. Roy was first settled in 1873 and formally incorporated in 1937. Roy was named after Roy C. Peebles, the child of a local schoolteacher who had passed away at the end of the 1800’s.
Until the 1940’s, businesses in Roy were limited and consisted only of a gas station, a few stores, and a lumber yard. During World War II, Roy began to develop rapidly as it housed many workers from nearby military bases. Growth continued in the 50’s when the first bank branch in Utah opened in Roy, making way for other banks to set up shop. Currently Roy is home to all types of businesses and industries, being designated recently as Weber County’s fastest growing city. Roy also boasts a museum built during the 1990’s to commemorate the city’s past.
In recent legal news in the city of Roy, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a recall of several products manufactured by Clarcon Labs based in Roy. In June 2009, various anti-bacterial skin lotions and soap-type products were recalled because they were found to cause tissue infections. Ironically, the anti-bacterial products were found to be contaminated with bacteria. Following the recall, U.S. Federal Marshals conducted a raid of Clarcon Labs in August of 2009, confiscating the remaining products. Inspections revealed that the company had failed to abide by FDA manufacturing regulations, which in turn resulted in the contamination of the products. The FDA and other health agencies have requested that consumers continue to report related incidents to the relevant authorities.
If you believe that you have a legal claim involving a defective product or products liability, it is important that you obtain a lawyer. There are many attorneys in the Roy area, and using can help you find the right one. LegalMatch is an online service that matches attorneys with prospective clients for free.
Legal cases arising in the city of Roy are heard at the Roy City Justice Court. The justice court has jurisdiction over various civil and criminal cases, as well as minor traffic infractions. More serious claims can be heard at the Utah District Court- 2nd District.
Also, starting in April 2010, cases from Weber County Justice Court will be heard at the Roy City justice court. This is due to a declining caseload at the Weber County court, most likely the result of the formation of the nearby Ogden Justice Court.
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