Domperidone is a drug used by new mothers to increase the volume of breast milk.  It is not approved by the FDA but is in use in other countries and has found its way to the United States.  It is not prescribed for increasing breast milk but often for stomach problems.

Adverse Effects of Domperidone
There have been recent reports of cardiac abnormalities linked to Domperidone as well as sudden death.  Domperidone has been found in the milk of lactating mothers, so there is a risk that the newborn children will receive Domperidone.  The effects on newborns are not yet known.

Current Status of Domperidone
The FDA has issued an advisory against the use of Domperidone for lactating mothers.  The drug is unapproved by the FDA and illegal in the United States.

If you have been given Domperidone for any reason and have suffered injuries, you should consider consulting an experienced class action lawyer.  An attorney can help you recover damages for your injuries.