Wellbutrin is the more commonly known name of the chemical compound Bupropion.  Bupropion has been used successfully since its introduction as an antidepressant and to help relieve smoking addictions.  Bupropion has the same active ingredients as Zyban, a popular drug to counter the effects of smoking addiction.  Exactly how Bupropion works as an anti-depressant is not completely known.  However, it has been proven as an effective way to combat depression.  Related to the aminoketone class of chemicals, Bupropion prevents the necessary brain chemical Dopamine from being depleted. 

Adverse Effects of Bupropion
Bupropion, like all drugs, has side effects.  Recently, users of Wellbutrin have reported worsened depression and the emergence of suicidal thoughts and tendencies that were not previously seen in the same users.  Seizures have also been reported as a side effect of Wellbutrin but not all of the Bupropion containing drugs.  The manufacturer has recommended that patients using Bupropion containing drugs should be closely monitored.

Current Status of Bupropion
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently released a warning to consumers as well as having the manufacturers revise the warning labels of drugs containing Bupropion.  If you have experienced unexpected side effects, seeking a personal injury lawyer specializing in defective medical products is the best way to preserve your rights and your ability to recover for any injuries.