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Medical Uses - Androstenedione is a direct precursor to the hormones testosterone and estrogen.  As a drug, it increases the production of these hormones.  Androstenedione acts as an anabolic steroid, and is marketed to increase muscle growth, reduce fat, and enhance athletic performance. 

Dangers - Studies have shown that androstenedione has irreversible effects in young consumers that can severely disrupt their development.  It has been linked to abnormal sexual development, excess facial and body hair, premature baldness, severe acne, infertility, certain types of cancer, kidney and liver disease, and increased aggression. 

Status -The Food and Drug Administration has banned androstenedione because of potentially dangerous effects.

If you have experienced adverse consequences after taking androstenedione, you should see your doctor immediately.  You also may want to contact an experienced product liability attorney to discuss your rights and possible compensation for your injuries.

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