Medical Uses
Candesartan is the chemical name of Atacand, which is used to treat high blood pressure.  It works by preventing the constriction of blood vessels.  Candesartan is an angiotensin-II antagonist and classified as a class D drug which means the effects on unborn fetuses are harmful.  Candesartan has other uses and is often prescribed to relieve migraines because of its ability to constrict blood vessels.

Adverse Effects of Candesartan
There have been reports of adverse effects on unborn fetuses.  Injury and death have been linked to mothers taking forms of Candesartan in the second and third trimester.  If you are pregnant or may become pregnant, inform your physician if you are taking a form of Candesartan.

Current Status of Candesartan
The FDA has issued revised warning labels.

If you or your child has been injured due to Candesartan use, you should see a doctor immediately.  You also may wish to contact an experienced class action attorney to preserve your legal rights and protect your ability to recover for your injuries.