Diethanolamine (DEA) is a chemical used in many cosmetic products.  DEA cosmetic products are typically found in emulsifiers, foaming agents and other topically applied cosmetics.  

Adverse Effects of DEA
Recently, a national study determined that DEA was a carcinogenic in lab animals.  While the link to prove carcinogenicity in humans is missing, there is a strong chance products containing DEA can harm humans.  There are ongoing studies to determine the chemical?s danger to humans.

Current Status of DEA
While the FDA has not taken further actions against products containing DEA byproducts, they have released their findings from toxicology reports.  DEA is not yet known to cause cancer but studies are currently underway to determine the risk to humans. 

If you believe you have suffered injuries from using products containing DEA, you may wish to contact an experienced products liability lawyer.  A products liability attorney can help you recover damages for your injuries.