DPT is the familiar tetanus shot (Diptheria-Pertussis-Tetanus) that most children receive.   This vaccine has been in use since the 1940s to protect against Diptheria and Tetanus while the Pertussis vaccinates against Whopping cough.  This vaccine is biological in nature and the adverse effects are from the whole Pertussis organisms that are left intact.  Pertussis is a main component in the DPT vaccine and the most toxic.  There is also the DT vaccine which is often used as well.  Both variations are still currently in use.

Adverse Effects of DPT

There have been rarely any severe reactions to the Diptheria or Tetanus side of the DPT shot.  There have been conflicting reports of severe reactions to the Pertussis however.  Neurological problems such as seizures are common with DPT.  Other symptoms include fever, sudden collapse, unexplained crying and screaming, brain damage and convulsions.  While the labeling may warn of these symptoms, most consumers disregard the dangers of this vaccine since it has been in use for such a long time.  There have been several deaths of children after injections of DPT but the causal link is fragile at best.

Current Status of DPT

While still under tested in clinical studies, manufacturers are trying to produce a DPT vaccine that does not contain the whole Pertussis organism.  Japan is currently the only country able to produce the DPT vaccine while removing the whole Pertussis organism.  The levels of toxicity in the Japanese strain are approximately one tenth of the U.S. versions that contain the whole Pertussis.  Medical cases such as this are often difficult to understand and litigate.  A class action lawyer specializing in medical product defects or Medical Negligence can help organize your case and strengthen your ability to recover for injuries.