Actos is a type of prescription drug that is used to Type 2 diabetes through control of the blood sugar and increasing insulin sensitivity. Prior claims involving Actos have involved risks of heart disease, which is still a valid concern. However, recent information may also link Actos with bladder cancer. Other side effects and injury risks associated with Actos include:

  • Bone frailty and fractures
  • Fluid retention
  • Congestive heart failure and other heart-related issues

Actos is similar to the drug Avandia, which has already been pulled from pharmacy shelves.

Who Can be Held Liable in an Actos Lawsuit?

Actos injuries can be serious and may result in legal action. Parties liable for an Actos injury or injuries can include:

  • Doctors and physicians
  • Pharmacy specialists (for instance, for a prescription error)
  • Nurses and other persons involved in handling drugs
  • Manufacturers of the drug (especially if there is a product defect)

Liability can include a number of different legal theories, including medical malpractice, negligence, or product liability.

What are the Legal Remedies Available in an Actos Lawsuit?

Legal remedies in an Actos-related lawsuit generally involve some form of damages award. These are calculated to cover relevant losses, such as additional medical expenses or lost wages. In cases involving severe negligence or recklessness, punitive damages may sometimes be applied as well. The amount of damages depends on state laws as well as factors such as the seriousness of the injury. Some Actos lawsuits may be filed as a class action suit if many consumers are affected by the same issue.

Do I Need a Lawyer for an Actos Injury Lawsuit?

Actos injuries can be serious and can lead to a lawsuit. You may need to hire a personal injury attorney in your area if you need assistance with an injury claim. Your lawyer can guide you through the legal process and can also provide representation during important court meetings and hearings. Also, if you have any specific legal questions, your lawyer can provide you with legal research to address your inquiries.