Known in the consumer market as Soriatane, Acitretin is a form of Vitamin A which is often used to treat severe psoriasis.  This form of Vitamin A is often prescribed as a last ditch effort to curb the symptoms of psoriasis. 

What are the Adverse Effects of Acitretin?

While effectively helping those with psoriasis, severe birth defects have been linked to the use of Acitretin within three years of its use and pregnancy.  The birth defects include but are not limited to, severe malformation of the hip, alterations to the brain and spinal cord, and reduced cranial volume. 

What is the Current Status of Acitretin?

Acitretin can be used effectively on severe psoriasis but it has been cautioned that Acitretin should be used only if no other therapy is effective.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently revised the warnings due to the possibility of birth defects. 

If you have gotten pregnant while taking Acitretin within three years, and your child is born with defects you should consult a doctor immediately.  You may also wish to contact an experienced products liability attorney who can help you recover damages for your child’s injuries.  You may be able to recover even if you have signed a waiver releasing the manufacturer of Acitretin from liability.