Medical Uses – Depakote is a drug available by prescription to treat manic episodes of bipolar disorder or manic depression.  In the past, depakote was used to treat migraine headaches and a common form of epilepsy known as complex partial seizures. 

Dangers – Depakote has been linked to various adverse side effects, which may be life-threatening: 

  • The first significant effect is liver damage, which is especially common in the first six months of depakote use.  This risk is increased in children less than two years of age, and patients who are simultaneously using other anticonvulsant medications. 
  • Depakote has also been linked to severe pancreatic disease in both adults and children.  This effect can occur at any time during depakote use, and the risk is the same for patients of all ages.
  • In patients who also suffer from urea cycle disorder, depakote may also have harmful effects on the brain.

Status – Depakote is currently available by prescription.

If you have experienced adverse consequences after taking depakote, you should see your doctor immediately.  You also may want to contact an experienced products liability attorney to discuss your rights and possible compensation for your injuries.