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Avastin Side Effects Lawyers

Although the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) strives to prevent unsafe drugs from entering consumers’ hands, it does occur. Thousands of people are injured or die from drug side effects. These drugs are approved for use to treat a medical condition. The FDA may determine after the drugs are on the market that they have serious side effects. One example of a potential unsafe drug is Avastin.

What Is Avastin?

Avastin is an anti-cancer drug approved by the FDA in 2004 for breast cancer. The prescription is supposed to be used in combination with chemotherapy.

How Does the Drug Help Cancer Patients?

Avastin prevents tumor growth by stopping new blood vessels from delivering nutrients and oxygen to the tumors.

Has Avastin Been Used for Non-Cancer Treatment?

Yes. Avastin was used as an off-label prescription drug by certain medical professionals. The term “off-label” refers to the FDA approving a medication for a specific type of use. However, medical professionals have used the medication to treat a different condition. Avastin was injected into the eye to treat macular degeneration, which is a use that it was not approved for.

Does Avastin Have Side Effects?

Yes. Common serious side effects included infections because of possible low white blood cell count and internal bleeding.

What Are the Dangerous Side Effects?

Dangerous side effects for Avastin include:

Can I Sue Roche for Making a Defective Product?

Yes. Roche is the company responsible for manufacturing Avastin. As the manufacturer of the drug, Roche can be sued for not informing the public about the drug’s dangerous side effects.

What Is a Defective Product Lawsuit?

A defective product is any product causing harm to an individual because design defect, faulty labeling, or defective manufacturing. To win a lawsuit, a plaintiff must prove certain points, or elements, which include:

Do I Need a Lawyer for Avastin Lawsuit?

Drugs are supposed to make you better, not sicker. Thus it is frustrating when a drug such as Avastin ends up causing you harm through a side affect that the manufacturer or your doctor failed to warn you about. Contact a personal injury lawyer about filing a lawsuit for the injuries suffered by you or a loved one.

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