Daytrana Side Effects

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Daytrana Side Effects

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, better known as ADHD, is a chronic condition that makes an individual impulsive, hyperactive, and lack focus. Symptoms for ADHD include difficulty following instructions, fidgeting, being forgetful, and disorganization. Many medications are on the market to help relieve the ADHD symptoms such as Daytrana.

What Is Daytrana?

Daytrana is a skin patch containing medication used to treat ADHD symptoms. The patch is placed on an individual’s hip every day, allowing for the medication to be absorbed through the skin. One patch, left on the skin for up to nine hours, decreases restlessness and increases a person’s ability to focus.

What Are the Side Effects of Daytrana?

In June 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, announced it received approximately 51 cases of chemical leukoderma from individuals using Daytrana. Chemical leukoderma is the changing of skin color. The 51 cases were reported over an 8-year period.

When Does the Condition Appear?

Chemical leukoderma can start the first time the individual uses the patch. It also may take years for skin color to change.

Is Chemical Leukoderma Harmful or Life-Threatening?

No, the condition is not harmful or life-threatening. However, it will permanently disfigure an individual because it changes the color of their skin. The lighter hue can cause emotional distress in a person if they are uncomfortable with the change in skin tone. The change may also lead to the person being bullied or harassed because of it. It has been suggested that the manufacturer of Daytrana has failed to warn users of the patch about the potential of chemical leukoderma that is associated with the patch.

What Is Failure to Warn?

A manufacturer has the responsibility to warn consumers about all potentials dangers associated with using a product. If the manufacturer fails to adequately warn consumers about the potential harms that are associated with a product, a consumer can file a product liability lawsuit or class action lawsuit against the manufacturer for the harm caused by not being properly warned.

What Can I Do to Avoid the Daytrana Side Effects?

The FDA suggests placing the patch in different areas to prevent the chemical skin change from occurring. Another option is to speak to the treating physician about other ADHD treatment options.

Should I Talk to an Attorney About the Daytrana Side Effects?

Yes. If you or a loved one has experienced skin lightening because of the Daytrana medication, talk to a personal injury attorney. There is an on-going investigation to determine whether people taking the prescription drug was adequately warned.

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