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What Is a Dangerous Drug?

A dangerous drug is a prescription drug that causes injuries to those using the drug legally. The person using the drug must be taking it according to the prescription instruction given to them by the doctor, and not abusing it.

What Are Statins?

Statins are a category of drugs prescribed to lower cholesterol levels in an individual’s blood. Some of those drugs have been linked to statins side effects.

What Are the Side Effects of Statins?

The statins side effects depend on the specific drug used. For example, Lipitor, Zocor, and Crestor may increase statin diabetes by approximately 15 percent. Other types of statins side effects include:

What Are Statins Lawsuits?

Statins lawsuits are filed on behalf of the victims who sustained injuries from taking the class of drugs. The lawsuit is based on a defective product claim. A defective product is type of product such as a prescription drug that causes injury because of a design defect, faulty labeling, or defective manufacturing. 

What Do I Have to Prove in Order to Win a Statin Lawsuit?

Three conditions must be present for a plaintiff to have a successful statins defective product lawsuit:

  1. The statins had an unreasonably dangerous defect. This defect may include an increased risk of diabetes or heart attack.
  2. The defect in the drug caused the plaintiff an injury while they used the drug the way it was intended to be used by the manufacturer. In other words, the plaintiff took the drug as prescribed by a medical professional.
  3. The statin drug was not changed substantially from the way it was originally sold by the manufacturer. The plaintiff did no alter the statin drug in any way, such as dissolving it and adding it to a stomach medication or taking it under conditions that the plaintiff was told to avoid while taking it.

Should I Talk to a Lawyer about My Statins Injury?

Statins have been the focus of several class action lawsuits. To determine if you should file a lawsuit for your statins-related injury, contact a personal injury lawyer.

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