Airbags are safety devices that are placed in cars to reduce injury during an auto collision. They are fabric devices that fill with air to provide a cushion for the driver or passengers in the vehicle. They work in conjunction with seat belts and sensor devices to provide the cushioning at the appropriate time.

Some cars have up to four airbags, including driver and passenger side bags. There are many different types of airbags, including front airbags, side-collision airbags, and others.

What Are Airbag Recalls?

While airbags can help prevent injuries, they can sometimes be the cause of injuries. Airbag injuries or defects can cause a manufacturer to issue a recall of the car. In such cases, the manufacturer may offer the consumer a free repair of the issue, or they may offer other remedies such as a replacement automobile, or compensation for losses.

Airbag recalls are a common subject of many car defect recalls. The recall may also lead to a lawsuit, especially where there has been serious injury or economic loss associated with the defective air bag.

When Might an Air Bag Recall Be Necessary?

An airbag recall might be necessary when the airbag has caused serious injury to the driver or passengers, or when it poses a potential for danger or injury. For instance, an airbag recall may be issued if:

  • The airbag fails to deploy upon impact when needed.
  • The airbag deploys without warning when no impact has occurred (this can result in serious injury such as broken bones, etc.).
  • The airbag is late in deploying.
  • There are rips, tears, or other defects with the bag fabric.
  • An airbag is missing (for instance, there was a failure to install or replace the airbag)

In most cases, airbags are programmed to deploy only during collisions where the car is traveling at a certain speed (for instance, 15 mph deceleration speed). The car usually has a number of mechanisms that help “sense” when the airbag should inflate. These include electronic sensors, wheel and tire sensors, gas/brake sensors, etc. Failures of these sensing systems can also be involved in an air bag recall as well.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with an Airbag Recall Claim?

Airbag recalls can often involve some very serious injuries and safety risks. You may wish to hire a car accident lawyer in your area if you have any legal issues or concerns involving an air bag recall. Your attorney can provide you with legal advice and guidance when it comes to submitting a claim or filing a lawsuit. You may be entitled to damages for injuries, losses, or other expenses.