Bicycle Collisions with Cars

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Bicycle Collisions with Cars

Bicyclists are at a serious disadvantage during a collision with a car. Accidents involving cyclists often result in serious injuries or death. When this type of accident occurs, you may be able to recover from insurance companies or by taking legal action against the driver.

Who Is at Fault?

Since bicycles and cars are both considered to be vehicles, the fault is determined by who has the right of way. So, whoever violates the right of way is at fault.

The right of way laws differ depending on the intersection. Typically, vehicles must yield at stop signs, and must allow other vehicles to go if they are not the first vehicles present. Furthermore, cars are not allowed to cut bicycles off drive too closely to endanger the bicyclist.

Moreover, depending on the area you are located at, there may be special local ordinances preventing drivers from driving too closely to bicyclists. For example, in California, bicyclists get a 3 feet buffer from cars.

The Importance of Liability

A bicyclist being hit by a car does not automatically give the bicyclist a right to recover. The bicyclist must take responsible for his own actions if he was comparatively negligent in his injuries.

One defense that may cut liability off from car defendants is that the bicyclist did not make a full stop at the stop sign where the injury took place. In other words, the bicyclist was partially responsible for the car hitting him by not yielding to the traffic rules.

Consulting an Attorney

If you are a bicyclist and have been injured by a vehicle, please contact a personal injury lawyer. The personal injury lawyer will help you recover damages from your injuries.

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