Road traffic accidents cause a significant amount of injuries and property damage each year. There are a large number of different types of road accidents, which can include:

Thus, road traffic accidents are often classified according to the types of vehicles involved, as well as the nature in which the collision or accident occurred. Every state has very different laws when it comes to road traffic accidents.

What Are Some Legal Remedies for Road Traffic Accidents?

In many cases, road traffic accidents can lead to lawsuits, especially where one party was driving in a negligent or reckless manner. In such instances, the most common legal remedy is going to be a damages award issued to the victim. Here, the defendant must often reimburse the plaintiff for costs such as medical expenses, car repairs, and other financial aspects. In many cases, insurance can help offset some of the costs.

In other cases, criminal charges can even result. This can happen for instance if the person intentionally struck another person with their car (vehicular assault), if they were driving in an extremely reckless fashion, or if they were driving while intoxicated. Many road traffic accident lawsuits end up in a settlement.

What If Alcohol Is Involved?

Road traffic accidents can be caused by many factors, such as poor driving conditions, mechanical failure, or distracted driving. However, one of the main causes of traffic accidents each year is drunk driving. DUI laws prohibit people from driving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances.

If the court or police authorities discover that a driver is drunk, this can also lead to criminal DUI charges, in addition to civil damages. This can involve penalties such as fines, a loss/suspension of license, towing of the vehicle, and mandatory DUI classes.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Assistance with Road Traffic Accident Issues?

Road traffic accidents comprise a large percentage of the personal injury cases filed each year. You may need to hire a qualified personal injury attorney if you need assistance with any road traffic accident claims. Your attorney can help you file court paperwork, review documents, and represent you in court. Also, if you have any specific requests or requirements, your attorney can provide expert advice regarding those as well.