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What Are Some Common Car Defects that Require Recall?

The NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) keeps close records of safety recall issues.  A few common defects that may lead to a recall include: 

What are some recent automobile recalls?

Recently Toyota has issued a recall for numerous vehicle models due to problems with accelerator pedals as well as floor mats. The defects cause the accelerator to become stuck, which has led to several fatal accidents. Some of the affected models include:

Other recent recalls by other manufacturers include:

What types of remedies are available if I have purchased a car that has been recalled?

If you have purchased a car that has recently been recalled, you may be entitled to several legal remedies, including:

Note that the specific laws covering products liability will vary somewhat from state to state. Also, each individual automobile manufacture may have different policies stated in their warranty provisions. Thus, you may wish to contact an attorney to determine what your options for recovery are.

If a defective condition was discovered in your car upon purchase, you should notify the manufacturer or a government agency as soon as possible. If a recall has not yet been issued, the information you provide may help initiate the recall process. 

Should I contact a lawyer regarding an automobile recall dispute?

If you are involved in a situation involving a recalled vehicle, you should contact an attorney to determine what your legal rights are. Cars are a major investment, and other areas of your life sometimes depend on having a working vehicle (such as commuting to work). Therefore it is in your best interest to make sure that the car you drive is safe and in working condition when you purchase one from a major auto dealer.

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