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 Airbag Injuries

Airbag injuries may occur in various conditions, including after an accident, as a result of manufacturing faults, or due to difficulties with the airbag deployment mechanism. Minor bruising to more severe impact injuries and burns produced by the chemicals used in airbag deployment are all possible.

Airbag deployment injuries may include:

  • Broken bones.
  • Head and neck injuries.
  • Concussions.
  • Other sorts of impact injuries induced by the airbag’s quick deployment.

An airbag injury lawsuit is a legal claim that seeks compensation for those injured due to a defective airbag. The action may be launched against the car’s manufacturer or the airbag system’s manufacturer, as well as any guilty parties. It seeks compensation for medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and other losses sustained as a consequence of the injury.

What’s the Problem with Airbags?

Airbags may have a variety of faults and concerns that can result in injury. Early deployment, for example, might inflict damage on the driver or passenger even before an accident occurs. In the case of an accident, late or failed deployment might result in serious injury or death. Furthermore, chemical burns, eye irritation, or other skin problems might occur when the airbag deploys.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to an airbag that did not deploy, you must get the counsel of an attorney. A lawyer can guide you through the complicated legal process of submitting a claim, negotiating with insurance companies, and pursuing appropriate compensation for your losses.

How Can an Airbag Be Defective?

If an airbag fails to deploy or causes injury when it does, it is termed faulty. Airbag failures may occur due to various factors, including manufacturing errors, design flaws, and other concerns.

Production faults arise throughout the manufacturing process and may involve using incorrect materials, defective assembly, or other flaws jeopardizing the airbag’s safety and efficacy. On the other hand, design defects emerge from the airbag’s basic design and might render it inherently dangerous or prone to failure.

Examples of Defective Airbags

The Takata airbag recall, which impacted over 100 million cars globally owing to faults in the airbag inflators, might cause the airbags to explode, resulting in catastrophic injuries and deaths.

Airbags that fail to deploy or deploy too late in an accident are other instances of faulty airbags, resulting in serious injury or death.

Can I Sue for a Defective Airbag?

If you were injured as a result of a faulty airbag, you might be entitled to bring a product liability case against the manufacturer of the vehicle or airbag system. To do so, you must demonstrate that the airbag was faulty and that the flaw caused your injuries.

The legal procedure for suing for a faulty airbag may be complicated; therefore, dealing with an experienced product liability attorney is essential. An attorney can assist you in gathering the evidence required to support your case and guide you through the legal process to guarantee that you obtain appropriate compensation for your injuries and losses.

What Does a Defective Airbag Attorney or Lawyer Do?

A defective airbag attorney or lawyer is a legal expert specializing in defending people who have been injured or have incurred other losses due to a defective airbag. A faulty airbag lawyer’s function is to guide clients through the difficult legal procedure of initiating a case against the manufacturer or other parties accountable for the defective airbag.

You should expect an airbag lawyer to evaluate your case’s specifics and ask questions about the circumstances surrounding the airbag malfunction and your subsequent injuries during a consultation. The lawyer will also inquire about any medical care you have got, the nature of your injuries, and any expenditures spent as a consequence of the malfunctioning airbag.

The airbag lawyer will be able to establish if you have a legitimate legal claim and the possible damages you may be able to receive in a lawsuit based on this information. The lawyer will next explain the legal procedure for filing a lawsuit and advise you on how to defend your rights and construct a good case.

If you hire a lawyer, they will research the matter, collect evidence, and negotiate with the manufacturer or any parties accountable for the faulty airbag on your behalf. They will also fight to ensure that you obtain reasonable compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost earnings, and other damages if required.

How Are Damages Determined in an Airbag Injury Lawsuit?

The magnitude of the plaintiff’s injuries, medical expenditures incurred, lost earnings, and other relevant expenses are often used to calculate damages in an airbag injury claim. An airbag injury lawyer may collaborate with medical specialists to examine the long-term effect of the injuries and any connected medical expenditures, rehabilitation requirements, and future expenses to ascertain the full degree of damages. The attorney may also consider other losses, such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other non-economic damages.

An airbag injury lawyer may assist in maximizing a damages judgment by providing a solid case that clearly establishes the amount of the plaintiff’s injuries and the effect of the faulty airbag on their life. They may also negotiate a settlement with the manufacturer or other relevant parties to adequately pay the plaintiff for their losses.

What Are Some Legal Issues Associated with Defective Airbag Injury Lawsuits?

Establishing liability, showing causation, and documenting the magnitude of damages are all legal challenges that may arise in malfunctioning airbag injury litigation. When the manufacturer maintains that the airbag was not faulty or that the plaintiff’s injuries were caused by another source, establishing liability may be difficult.

Causation must be shown by carefully examining the plaintiff’s medical records and other evidence to show that the airbag was the direct cause of their injuries. Demonstrating the amount of damages may often be difficult, especially when the injuries are complicated or need long-term care and rehabilitation.

An airbag injury lawyer can assist the client in navigating these legal obstacles and building a solid case to increase the plaintiff’s prospects of victory in the claim. They may provide legal advice, negotiate with the defendant or their insurance company, and fight to ensure that the plaintiff gets reasonable recompense for their losses.

Who Can I Sue in a Defective Airbag Injury Claim?

Various parties may be held accountable for the injuries and damages caused by the airbag in a faulty airbag injury lawsuit. The major party accountable for the problem is often the airbag manufacturer or the vehicle in which the airbag was placed. Other parties, such as automobile dealers, auto parts makers, and technicians who fitted or maintained the airbag, may also be held accountable.

Car dealers may be held accountable if they fail to properly check the car or reveal known flaws. Still, auto parts manufacturers may be held liable if they deliver faulty components. Mechanics may be held accountable if they negligently installed or serviced the airbag or otherwise contributed to the fault.

I’ve Suffered an Airbag Injury, Do I Need a Lawyer?

If an airbag has injured you, it is strongly advised that you seek the advice of an auto lawyer.

A knowledgeable auto attorney can assist you in navigating the complicated legal procedure of filing a faulty airbag injury claim and holding the responsible parties accountable for their conduct. They may assist you in determining who is responsible for your injuries and losses, investigating the case, gathering evidence, and negotiating with the manufacturer or other parties on your behalf.

If required, they may also defend you in court and fight to ensure that you obtain adequate compensation for your losses. An auto lawyer can assist you in protecting your legal rights and increasing your chances of success in your malfunctioning airbag injury claim.


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