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Legal Issues to Consider in a Car Wreck Claim

A car wreck is an automobile accident that results in significant or total damage to one or more cars in an accident. These are often very serious incidents that can sometimes result in serious injury and property damage, like an accident where the car wound up underneath a truck. Some legal issues involved in car wreck claims include:

What If I Need to File a Lawsuit?

Car wreck lawsuits need to be filed in a timely manner after the accident occurs. If a party waits too long in bringing a lawsuit, they may risk missing important filing deadlines. The people involved in the lawsuit should also compile important information related to the accident, including names, contact info of parties, descriptions of the event, and any testimony of witnesses. Providing pictures and/or video of the accident can also provide much needed evidence for the lawsuit.

Also, various parties can be involved in a car wreck accident. These can include insurance companies, other injured parties, automobile mechanics, and car manufacturers.

How Does Drunk Driving Affect a Car Wreck Incident?

Many car wrecks are the result of drunk driving. Drunk driving can create further legal implications in an automobile accident lawsuit. Specifically, if a driver was found to be drunk at the time of the accident, it can implicate them in criminal charges, since drunk driving is a criminal offense. This can lead to additional penalties for the driver if they caused the accident. These penalties are often in addition to or on top of existing civil remedies.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Car Wreck Accidents?

Car wreck accidents can involve some major expenses and costs. You may wish to hire a lawyer if you need help filing a lawsuit or a claim for a car wreck incident. Your attorney can provide you with legal guidance and advice for your claim. Also, your lawyer can help organize the evidence that will be used in the upcoming trial.

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