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Learn More About Memphis, TN

725 miles up the Mississippi River lay the International Port of Memphis.  In fact, Memphis got its start as a river trading post, exchanging cotton and hardwoods for African slaves.  Its position as an American hub still shapes its economy, which revolves around transportation and interstate commerce.  For example, FedEx is headquartered in Memphis.

Memphis culture is strictly Southern, and a range of famous musicians have come from Memphis, including B.B. King, Elvis Presley, and Al Green.  Memphis attracts visitors to the sad sites of the Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, along with Graceland, the death place of Elvis Presley.

Memphis is a sprawling metropolitan area, and unfortunately the crime rate is rising again after a period of decline.  Over 3,000 lawyers call Memphis home.

With its plethora of lawyers, how can a client unacquainted with anyone in the legal field find an outstanding Memphis lawyer? fulfills that need by connecting you with the correct lawyer for your problem, completely free of charge.  Simply provide the details of your case, and you are matched with pre-screened Memphis attorneys dedicated to solving your problem.

Memphis lawyers handle numerous legal problems, including bankruptcy law, civil compensation law, child custody law, criminal charges law, divorce proceedings law, and accidents resulting in personal injury to you or loved ones.  In a recent case, a celebrity psychic famous for bending spoons with his mind lost a contract dispute over Elvis Presley’s first Memphis home.  Elvis lived there until he was forced to retire to Graceland once fans began mobbing the modest four-bedroom affair.  In a classic contract dispute, the judge ruled that the seller’s alleged offer was merely an invitation to buy or an advertisement, thus making the contract invalid.  Even if a contract had been formed, the psychic breached it when he altered material terms.

Memphis lawyers must commit to memory the rules laid down by the Courts of Shelby County, including the court of chancery, corrections court, circuit court, general sessions court, juvenile court, and probate court.

On the other hand, you may not wish to contact a Memphis lawyer at the present time.  If you are simply looking into the possibility of a suit, you might find useful the 3000+ articles contained in LegalMatch’s Law Library.

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