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Learn More About Knox County, TN

Tennessee’s oldest county, Knox County history mirrors that of the entire country. During the civil war the state split into pro and anti-union sides, with much of eastern Tennessee and Knox County petitioning the state to secede and join the Union as its own state. Although the petition failed and all of Tennessee joined the confederacy, Union soldiers marched on Knox County and Knoxville unopposed and quickly took the area.

Knox County lawyers can assist you with any legal issue you may be facing, including criminal law, personal injury, bankruptcy, real estate transactions, and many more.

Attorneys in Knox County litigated one of Tennessee’s most potent political trials, the Sunshine Law Trials. After the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled that Knox County politicians must respect mandatory term limits, several officials appointed family members, husbands, or other close acquaintances to their posts, only to have these new commissioners hire the old incumbents back into powerful positions. These commissions were challenged, and Knox County lawyers representing concerned citizens triumphed in overturning most of these dubious appointments.

If you have a case in Knox County, it will most likely begin in the Knox County Court system. Within Knox County there are several different courts, and you will want an attorney familiar with the court division you will be appearing in, whether it is the criminal court, circuit court, or general sessions court.

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