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Learn More About Bristol, TN

Bristol is home to 25,000 Sullivan County residents who are just across the street and state line from their sister city Bristol, Virginia. Bristol is home to the Bristol Motor Speedway which is a NASCAR short track. The Bristol Motor Speedway also hosts the two-day DukesFest that celebrates the “Dukes of Hazard” television show and iconic Dodge Charger General Lee.

A number of Bristol residents are also certified lawyers. Lawyers in Bristol counsel on a number of issues like bankruptcy, divorce, wrongful termination, personal injury, and criminal cases like DUI charges.

Recently in Bristol, the family of Anne Brightwell filed a lawsuit against the Cambridge House hospice care. Brighwell’s family alleges that the Cambridge House broke her femur that was neglected and, as the medical examiner reported, eventually killed her. Brightwell’s family has filed a $2 million personal injury and wrongful death claim and a number of facsimiles and records indicate her femur was broken in Cambridge House care.

The Sullivan County Circuit Court handles tort, contract, real property, probate, civil, and domestic relations cases like divorce and child custody matters. The Bristol Municipal and Juvenile Court handles cases against juveniles, traffic tickets, and ordinance violations in addition to misdemeanor hearings and some preliminary criminal hearings. The Bristol General Session Court can handles small claims cases that are less than $25,000 and marriage dissolution which is not divorce.

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