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Learn More About Chattanooga, TN

Originally inhabited by the Cherokee, Chattanooga means “to draw fish out of water.” As the name suggests, Chattanooga was a rich fishing village before its settlement by whites in the early 1800s, and eventual corporation into a city in 1930.

Chattanooga is a great place for tourists!  Popular attractions include the Tennessee Aquarium Caverns, the Tennessee River, the Chattanooga ChooChoo Hotel, Terminal Station, the Creative Discovery Museum, the Tennessee Riverwalk, the Hunter Museum of American Art, Coolidge Park, Renaissance Park, the famous floating hotel Delta Queen, the Chattanooga Zoo at Warner Park, and the Cumberland Trail.

Chattanooga attorneys practice in fields such as criminal law, personal injury litigation, family law, wills and trusts, and many others. The Chattanooga Bar Association, a non profit group of local legal professionals, offers a variety of services to the community. For instance, the Chattanooga Bar recently published a pamphlet entitled “When You Become 18” which outlines important laws and duties of adults such as jury duty, selective service, and voting.

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Chattanooga attorneys practice in the Hamilton County Court system. Chattanooga is also home to the United States District Court, Eastern District of Tennessee, part of the Federal Court system.

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