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Learn More About Cleveland, TN

Located in the south eastern corner of the state of Tennessee, the city of Cleveland is home to several industries such as foodstuffs, textiles, cooking equipment and more. The city is also home to Cleveland State Community College as well as Lee University, which is a private four-year university. Lastly, the headquarters of Life Care Centers of America, the largest privately owned nursing facility in the nation, is also located in Cleveland.

When you need legal services in Cleveland, there are many talented Cleveland lawyers that are ready to assist you. These attorneys are skilled in many areas of law such as personal injury, tax, bankruptcy, mortgages, criminal defense, DUI, automobile accidents, divorce, child custody and more.

A certain group of residents in Cleveland recently won a lawsuit that involved federal voting laws. In 2006, Tennessee recently passed voting law changes that precluded residents of the state living full time in Recreational Vehicles from voting in state and national elections. A group of RV residents in Cleveland challenged the law and won. Now, residents of Tennessee that have a commercial address as their physical address can still vote in state and national elections.

If you have a case in that needs to be filed in Cleveland, then you will most likely have to file your legal paperwork in the Bradley County Circuit Court. This court is conveniently located in Cleveland and the local attorneys are quite familiar with its ins and outs.

If you have been looking for a Cleveland attorney for your case but have run into problems, you should try out LegalMatch. We offer you a free and unique online legal matching service where you can present your case and attorneys interested in your case will respond to your posting. We pre-screen all of the legal professionals that we work with, so you can be assured that any attorney that you speak with through our site is in good standing.

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