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Learn More About Sumner County, TN

Located just north of Nashville, Sumner County, Tennessee is a great place for a weekend getaway. After sipping local wines and watching red sunsets from their bed-and-breakfast’s porch, visitors often find themselves wondering whether to extend their stay in Sumner County just a few more days. From picking fresh strawberries in the spring to boating on Old Hickory Lake in the summer, there is always something fun and exiting waiting for you in Sumner County.

In the News: Gary Allen, an American county music artist, recently testified in a stalking case heard in Sumner County. The alleged stalker is accused of staling Allen over the past four years. Recently, her behavior became very erratic, with the woman often found sitting outside Allen’s home for hours at a time. At the Sumner County court, Allen testified that the woman recently broke onto his property and dumped furniture from his home into his swimming pool in retaliation for Allen having drinks with another woman. In her defense, the woman claims that Allen stalked her for the two years prior to her obsession with Allen.

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