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Learn More About Knoxville, TN

Founded in 1786, Knoxville is named after famous Revolutionary War General Henry Knox. Known to some as The Marble City, Knoxville marble helped create notable East Coast buildings such as the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. In the late 1700’s, Knoxville was a small and rowdy river town. Now it is the center of a bustling metropolitan area home to over 600,000 residents.

With a large number of Knoxville lawyers to choose from, selecting the right lawyer for your problem may be difficult. solves the networking problem by matching people to the perfect Knoxville lawyer for their case, completely free of charge.  Tell about your issue, and they will match you with a pre-screened and outstanding Knoxville lawyer.

Knoxville attorneys practice in a number of legal fields, including criminal law, bankruptcy filing, real estate transactions law, immigration law, personal injury law, and family law. The Knoxville Bar Association is a non-profit association of local attorneys that operates several programs in the public interest, such as LawLine OnLine. This free telephone service is designed to help members of the community understand the law in easy-to-understand language. A large number of automated individual messages discussing common legal issues are available to the public over the phone.

There are a number of different courts in Knox County. Competent Knoxville lawyers know how to navigate these different courts and understand the local rules and procedures peculiar to each one.

If you are not yet ready to speak with an attorney, please explore the variety of free legal resources offered on LegalMatch’s website. Peruse our online Law Library, housing over 3000 articles. Check out our top 20 legal tips. There you can find for advice on topics ranging from helping you understand legal fees, to developing a strategic legal plan.

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