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Learn More About Franklin, TN

Named after Benjamin Franklin, the city of Franklin underwent substantial changes after the Civil War. The site of federal occupation for three years, Franklin never totally rejuvenated itself until the modern era. Today, Franklin is again an excellent place to call home.

Franklin lawyers can help you with personal injury litigation, criminal defense, real estate transactions, family law, and any other legal issue you may be facing.

Attorneys in Franklin are appealing a ruling requiring the city to pay $1.1 million to contractors in a contract dispute. The city of Franklin allegedly is responsible for causing delays to local infrastructure projects, a claim the city disputes.

Franklin cases such as this begin in the Williamson County court system. The county contains a chancery and circuit court, with probate matters filed in the chancery court and criminal matters filed in the circuit court. The General Sessions court handles most other matters including many civil cases.

LegalMatch can help you find an experienced Franklin attorney familiar with these courts and their rules and procedures. By utilizing LegalMatch’s extensive database of Franklin attorneys, you can be matched to local Franklin lawyers familiar with your type of case, at absolutely no charge to you.

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