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Learn More About Taylorsville, UT

Taylorsville is located in the greater Salt Lake County, Utah. This close knit community is driven by hundreds of volunteers and several events organized by the city year round. There are numerous mountain ranges, national parks, ski resorts, and golf courses within easy reach of Taylorsville City.

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Recently, the residents of Taylorsville were shocked by the news of Mr. Frank Madrid pleading guilty to charges of manslaughter. Madrid faces up to 15 years in prison for the crime and was found to have shot and killed Louis Miera by shooting a single shot into Miera’s neck. According to testimony by Mr. Anderson, Miera left a gathering and was chatting with Anderson when Madrid approached them and Miera told Anderson “run.” As Anderson was running towards his truck he said he heard a single pop and saw Miera “…with both hands holding his neck.” Miera’s body was later found and an autopsy revealed that a single gunshot wound to Miera’s neck was the cause of death.

The court structure in Taylorsville consists of a Justice Court and 3rd Judicial District Court. The Justice Court serves only the city of Taylorsville and is locally funded, while the Judicial Court serves all of Salt Lake County. The Taylorsville Municipal Justice Court handles small claims, misdemeanors, and other infractions. The 3rd Judicial District Court handles cases that deal with torts, contracts, real property, and mental health. It also handles such cases as criminal appeals and civil appeals.

If you are currently dealing with a legal matter it is essential to have a Taylorsville lawyer represent you. They are familiar with the court procedures that are followed in Taylorsville courts. Taylorsville lawyers are experienced in several areas of law including real estate, contracts, military, and agriculture.

LegalMatch can help you find a skilled and experienced Taylorsville lawyer that is pre-screened and backed by a satisfaction guarantee. LegalMatch allows you to review the availability, experience level, and price of any of the attorney’s in Taylorsville. You will be contacted by several attorneys’ who are interested in your case which allows you to be in control of choosing the right representation for your case. In addition, this entire service is at no cost to you.

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