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Learn More About Summit County, UT


During the winter, Summit County is home to some of the best skiing in the nation. The ski resorts of Park City, Deer Valley, and The Canyons are all in Summit County. Indeed, Park City and Deer Valley both hosted several events during the 2002 Winter Olympics. In the summer, Summit County transforms and is replaced by lush golf courses at high elevations, magnificent hotels, and a thriving tourism business.
If you need the advice of legal counsel in Summit County, there are many experienced Summit County lawyers ready to assist you. These legal professionals have the skills and experience to represent you in your legal action, whether it involves issues including personal injury, bankruptcy, DUI, divorce, real estate, business, tax, or any other issue.
A long running antitrust dispute in Summit County was recently reset by the Utah Supreme Court. A private water company is accusing another water company and Summit County of conspiring to perpetuate an antitrust violation. The alleged violation was that Summit County would condition construction licenses on an agreement that the contractor only buy his water from a certain company, which would be an illegal tying agreement under antitrust law. The lawsuit started in the early 2000s, but was dismissed by the trial court. A recent Utah Supreme Court ruling overturned this dismissal and the trial will start again in court soon.
If you have a lawsuit in Summit County, you will most likely have to report to the Third District Court of Utah. This is a court of general jurisdiction, and your case will most likely have to pass through here. Having a local attorney who knows the inner workings of this court will be most advantageous for you.
With so many choices, finding the right Summit County lawyer can be difficult and time consuming. Save yourself the hassle of flipping through countless webpages and visit, the premier online legal matching service. We offer you insightful tips on what to ask your potential lawyer, as well as a fully stocked legal database that can help you figure out the laws in your area. In addition, we also provide you with attorney profiles and past client reviews.
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