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Learn More About Salt Lake County, UT

Salt Lake County is named for the Great Salt Lake, which lies partially within its borders. Salt Lake County is home to about 1 million people, and has become more culturally diverse over recent years. Salt Lake City is the largest city in the county and also serves as the county seat. Salt Lake County is unusual in its practice of seating a partisan county mayor.

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Salt Lake County is envied around the world for its pristine ski resorts which served as the backdrop for the 2002 Winter Olympics. The county’s ski resorts and other outdoor sporting facilities help power the local economy. Additionally, Salt Lake County relies on the defense industry for jobs; the county is a strategic location for the military, in part because of its close proximity to the mostly uninhabited Great Salt Lake Desert. A number of information technology and computer companies are also based in Salt Lake County, including, Salt Lake County is well known for its large Mormon population, which is associated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the LDS). The LDS previously engaged in polygamy; but today, it is only practiced by splinter groups called Mormon fundamentalists. Polygamy is illegal in the all 50 states, including Utah; however, authorities usually focus on crimes within polygamous communities instead, such as child abuse, domestic violence, and welfare fraud.

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