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Who Regulates Gambling?

In most states, gambling is regulated by both state and federal laws. While state laws vary from state to state, federal laws apply in every state.

What Aspects of Gambling Does Federal Law Regulate?

Federal law reaches into nearly every type of gambling and has some influence on nearly every aspect. Federal law attempts to cover the gaps in gambling law that cannot be covered by state law. Some of the common areas regulated by federal law include: 

What Are Some of the Federal Laws That Relate Gambling?

Gambling laws have been shaped according to acts passed over the years by Congress. These Acts regulate certain aspects of gambling. Some of the most important Federal Acts pertaining to gambling are: 

What Are the Penalties for Violating Federal Gambling Laws?

Depending on your activities, the penalties for violating federal gambling laws can be severe. If you violate federal gambling laws, you run the risk of: 

Should I Consult a Lawyer?

If you have questions regarding the federal laws and how they apply to gambling, you may want to contact a gaming law lawyer. A lawyer experienced in gaming law will be able to clarify the issues surrounding federal gambling laws and let you know how they apply to you.

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