Workers Compensation Denial

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Workers Compensation Denial

A workers compensation claim may be denied for any number of reasons. If your initial claim is denied, you should not give up hope. The workers compensation claim process allows you to appeal the denial.

What Is the Process to Appeal My Denial?

To initiate an appeal, you must carefully gather information for your employer and the claims investigator. It is essential to not say anything contradictory or wrong such that it gives the insurance company more reason to deny your claim. After you have all of the necessary information, you should:

  1. Review your denial letter carefully.
  2. Consider contacting your employer to discuss your claim.
  3. Schedule an administrative law hearing to present your case, and within the prescribed time period.
  4. Gather all relevant medical records and evidence for your hearing.
  5. Attend the hearing.

Why Was My Claim Denied?

Your claim could have been denied for many reasons, including error on the claims investigator’s part. Generally, claims are denied due to the following reasons:

Whatever the reason may be, the appeal process will review it carefully.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Though you may attend the hearing by yourself, many people opt to use employment lawyers. The attorneys are well versed in the law, and less likely to be tricked by the insurance company’s attorneys. Overall, an attorney may be able to get your case resolved quickly, and in your favor with better results than that you can achieve by yourself.

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