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What Is Vocational Rehabilitation?

Vocational rehabilitation is a type of workers’ compensation benefit for employees who suffer work-related injuries and can no longer perform their job duties.

If you cannot return to your old job because of a work-related injury, you may be entitled to vocational rehabilitation and receive testing, counseling, training, and job placement services to help you re-enter the workforce.

Am I Eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation?

An injured worker must meet three requirements to qualify for vocational rehabilitation benefits:

  1. A doctor must find that the injury caused a permanent disability.
  2. The injury left you unable to do your former job.
  3. You must be physically and emotionally capable of returning to work.

What If My Employer Offers Me Another Position?

If you are unable to return to your former job, your employer might decide to offer you another position within the company. If your employer offers you a new position that pays comparable wages, you must accept the job to avoid forfeiting your future right to vocational rehabilitation benefits.

Should I Hire an Employment Attorney?

Vocational rehabilitation is expensive for your employer's insurance company and they may resist designing a program for you. If you are eligible for vocational rehabilitation and your employer's insurance company refuses to offer it, you should contact an employment lawyer. An employment lawyer will be able to argue your eligibility on your behalf and help you protect your future right to vocational rehabilitation benefits.

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