Occupational Stress Damages

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What is Meant by “Occupational Stress”?

Occupational stress is stress that can be attributed to one’s job or line of work.  This can result from the normal course of work, especially for high-paced or high-demand jobs.  Occupation stress can also be caused, aggravated, or compounded by other issues such as workplace harassment, discrimination, or unsafe working conditions.

Most persons consider stress to be purely mental, but it often has physical manifestations and effects.  Some of these can include:

The degree of injury or discomfort may be dependent on each person, and upon various factors associated with their job.  Some types of occupational stress cases can be very specific (for instance, emotional distress from exposure to toxics). 

What are Occupational Stress Damages?

Occupational stress damages can sometimes be obtained in civil claims and lawsuits involving occupational stress injuries.  For instance, an employee may opt to sue their employer if they believe that their employee overworked them in a manner that was unreasonable or illegal. 

Damages may cover financial losses and costs, such as:

These types of claims can also be addressed through a workers compensation claim.  However, workers compensation tends to be less comprehensive than the damages that would be obtained through a formal lawsuit.  Some states may enforce limitations on damages awards, especially awards involving punitive damages or pain and suffering.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With Occupational Stress Damages?

Occupational stress damages generally must be specifically requested.  You may wish to hire a lawyer if you need assistance with the damages involved in an occupational stress lawsuit.  Your attorney can help represent you during court, and can provide you with legal advice regarding a potential damages award.

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