Strong Arm Robbery Defenses

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What Is Strong Arm Robbery?

Strong arm robbery is larceny with force, threat of force, or intimidation. It is a felony charge that carries up to 20 years in prison plus a fine.

What Are Some Defenses for Strong Arm Robbery?

Keep in mind that the exact defenses available to a person accused of strong arm robbery depend on the facts and circumstances of the charge. Some of the common defenses to robbery charges are:

What If I Am Innocent?

Innocence is a defense to strong arm robbery. A prosecutor has the burden of proving the defendant committed the crime. However, a defendant can offer evidence of their innocence, such as an alibi for their whereabouts during the crime.

Should I Contact a Criminal Lawyer to Work on a Defense Strategy?

Whenever you are suspected of or charged with strong arm robbery, you should contact a criminal lawyer. You and your lawyer can work together on a defense strategy that can get the charge dismissed, reduced, or not guilty verdict.

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