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What is Armed Robbery?

Armed robbery is a theft that is accomplished through the use of a weapon. Generally speaking, robbery refers to a theft accomplished through force or the threat of force. Thus, an armed robbery typically involves the defendant using a weapon to intimidate the victim into handing over their property or money.

A common example of armed robbery is a bank robbery that is accomplished through the use of guns or firearms. In most cases, armed robberies involve large amounts of money or very valuable items. Some jurisidictions classify armed robbery as a violent crime even if no persons were actually injured.

What are Some Legal Penalties for Armed Robbery?

Armed robbery generally results in felony charges. This is especially true if the instrument used was a deadly weapon, or if people were actually injured in the process of the robbery. Legal penalties for felonies usually include a criminal fee (often in the thousands of dollars range) as well as a sentence in a federal prison facility. Prison sentences for armed robbery can range from a few years to 15 or 20 years, depending on the case.

Since armed robbery also involves the use of weapons, the person may lose various privileges, such as the right to own a firearm in the future.

What if the Robbery Weapon was Fake?

Robbery with a fake weapon may sometimes be treated exactly the same a case involving a real weapon. The important part to consider here is whether the person believed that they were being threatened with actual harm, injury, or death. Thus, if a person paints a toy gun to make it look real, then uses it to commit a robbery, they may be charged with arm robbery. This will depend on the jurisdiction (some states try robberies with fake weapons in a different way).

Do I need a Lawyer for help with Armed Robbery Charges?

Armed robbery is a very serious type of criminal charge. It’s in your best interests to hire a criminal defense lawyer if you need help with any legal issues. Your attorney can provide you with the legal defense and argumentation that is needed for your case. Also, your lawyer can keep you updated if there are any changes to the laws in your area.

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