Penalties for Robbery

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What Are the Penalties for Robbery?

Robbery is often defined as theft that is accomplished through the use of force or the threat of physical harm. It is typically classified as a felony and may result in penalties such as:

Penalties for robbery can often vary depending on the seriousness of the crime and other factors.

How Are Robbery Penalties Determined?

Robbery penalties may be determined according to several different factors including:

Lastly, some jurisdictions may allow the judge to issue a sentence or legal remedy according to their own discretion. Each robbery case is different, and the judge often needs to exercise their own judgment and assessment of the situation when analyzing the facts of the case.

Can Robbery Penalties Be Lessened?

Sometimes robbery penalties may be lessened to below what a statutory code suggests. For instance, if the defendant has a viable defense such as duress or necessity, the consequences can sometimes be lessened. If the defense argument is enough to relieve the defendant of criminal liability, the charges may even be dropped. Factors that tend to lower the sentence are called “mitigating factors.”

On the other hand however, penalties can often be increased due to factors called “aggravating factors.” These include the use of a deadly weapon, robbery or threats of harm to a police officer, child, or woman, and extreme disregard for human safety.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Help Me with Robbery Penalties?

Understanding how robbery penalties work can sometimes be difficult. Robberies are often classified into degrees, which may affect the overall sentence. You may wish to hire a criminal lawyer if you need advice or representation during a criminal trial. Your attorney can provide you with legal guidance during the proceedings and can also advise you on your legal options.

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