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What is a Holdup Robbery?

A holdup robbery is a robbery that is committed with the use of a dangerous or deadly weapon. The weapon is usually a gun or a knife, and the victims may be:

Generally, robbery is defined as theft combined with the use of force. In the case of a holdup robbery, the force usually involves the threat of harm from a weapon. As such, holdup robberies are often categorized under armed robbery laws. It can range in seriousness from a minor mugging to more serious conduct like a bank robbery.

What are the Legal Consequences for Holdup Robbery charges?

Since holdup robberies involve the use of a weapon, they can lead to very serious criminal charges. These can sometimes be felony charges that result in penalties such as time in a federal prison (at least one year) and criminal fines. Robbery is a much more serious crime than simple theft or larceny, which is usually classified as a misdemeanor.

In addition, sentencing for robberies is often dependent on the amount of money or the value of the property that was stolen. The greater the losses, the higher the sentencing will be.

What if the Weapon was Not Real?

Most state statutes include the use of a fake weapon or fake gun under armed robbery statutes. That is, robbery with a fake weapon is usually treated about the same as a robbery with a real weapon. Here, the important thing is not so much that a real weapon was used or not, but whether the victim believed that the weapon was real. Thus, even if a toy gun is painted to look real, it can lead to serious armed or holdup robbery charges.

Do I Need a Lawyer for help with Holdup Robbery Laws?

Holdup robberies are serious criminal offenses that generally require the assistance of a lawyer. You may wish to hire a qualified criminal attorney in your area if you need help with holdup robbery charges. Your attorney can provide you with the representation and legal guidance that is needed for your defense.

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