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How Is Robbery Defined?

The definition of robbery may vary by area, but in general robbery consists of:

Thus, a main aspect of robbery is the use or threat of force by the defendant. Simply “pocketing” another person’s belongings might be a crime (like shoplifting), but it wouldn’t be robbery without the element of force. 

Are There Any Defenses to Robbery Charges?

Due to the element of force or threat, robbery defenses may be more difficult to establish than other types of theft defenses. Some of the more common defenses to robbery charges include:

Bear in mind that defenses to robbery can depend on many different circumstances, such as local rules and the facts of each case. 

Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer for Help with Robbery Defenses?

There may be a number of defenses available to a person who is facing robbery charges. You should contact a criminal lawyer immediately if you need help with crafting a robbery defense. It is very important that you understand all your rights and options in a criminal case. An experienced criminal defense attorney in your area can represent you in a court of law.

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