Automobile dealers often provide car repair services. These are often intended to satisfy customer warranties, for persons who have purchased a motor vehicle at that dealership. Rather than have the car repairs and maintenance done at an outside mechanic, the car owner may then bring the car back to the dealership where they bought it for the repairs.

In most cases, the mechanics at automobile dealerships are employed by the company that manufactures the cars. In other cases, the dealership may contract out to a different mechanic or repair company, especially if the repairs require special parts or treatment.

Can I Hold a Dealer Liable for Faulty Repairs?

Mechanics who work at a dealership are still bound by the same professional standards of care that apply to any mechanic or automobile repair work. Thus, a worker at a dealership shop might be held liable for defective mechanic work. Liability for motor vehicle defects might lie:

  • Directly with the mechanic who worked on the car
  • With a supervisor or manager
  • With the car company itself

Liability for negligence or faulty repairs will depend on many factors, such as:

  • Who performed the repairs
  • Which person order the specific actions to be done
  • Whether faulty or defective parts were knowingly used
  • Whether the faulty repairs caused the car owner any injuries, damages, or financial loss

In many cases, a monetary damages award may be issued in order to cover expenses associated with the repairs. Or, the person may receive a refund, product exchange, or other remedy. In cases involving serious injury, the repair team might also be held liable if the defects directly caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

What Are Some Examples of Faulty Automobile Dealer Repairs?

Some examples of faulty repairs include:

  • Brake failures
  • Gas pedals getting "stuck" at high speeds
  • Issues with wheels, tire rotation, balance/alignment, etc.
  • Electrical failures
  • Failed signal, brake, or head lights?@

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Faulty repairs can create a dangerous situation for any type of motor vehicle. You may need to hire a lawyer in your area if you believe that you have been affected or injured due to manufacturer or dealership repairs. Your attorney can help assess your situation and can provide you with legal advice on what to do. In the event that you need to file a claim or a lawsuit, your lawyer can help represent you in a court of law.