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What Is a Family Law Attorney and What Legal Issues Do They Handle?

A family law attorney is an attorney that represents clients in matters involving family laws. These can include cases involving issues such as divorce, child custody, child visitation, and alimony. Thus, family law attorneys often help a client with tasks such as obtaining child support, collecting monthly payment amounts, and setting visitation and custody schedules.

In addition, family law attorneys may represent clients during trials and legal proceedings. A good example of this is in a divorce case, where a lawsuit may be required to settle a property division conflict. Here, the attorney might help protect the client’s interests with regards to divorce distributions.

What Is Needed When Working with a Family Law Attorney?

When working with a family law attorney, you will need to cooperate with the lawyer and provide them with information and items such as:

Again, these will vary depending on the type of proceeding involved. Your attorney can help identify what you need to do in order to prepare for the trial or legal proceedings. Also, you’ll want to identify any questions or concerns you may have for your lawyer.

Advice for Finding a Family Law Attorney

Connecting with a good family law attorney can sometimes be a laborious task. The most conventional way to find a family law attorney is to search through a phone book. Some people may choose to conduct an online search or attempt to contact a lawyer through a bar association. These types of search methods can often be hit-or-miss, since there is often no way to research an attorney’s background or performance ratings.

A more efficient way to find a family law attorney is to use a lawyer-client matching service such as LegalMatch. Rather than having to sort through countless listings, LegalMatch’s online system provides direct matches to local family law attorneys. You simply post information regarding your case, and LegalMatch finds a match for you using their nationwide database of family law attorneys.

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